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Wed Jan 02 @06:00PM - 06:30PM
Swearing in of new Mayor and Council @ Civic Center
Tue Jan 08 @07:00PM -
Town Council Meeting
Tue Feb 12 @07:00PM -
Town Council Meeting

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The Town of Berwick operates under a home rule charter adopted by the electors of the community. The plan of government provided by this home rule charter is known as the "mayor-council" form of government, consisting of an elected council that constitute the legislative branch of the government. The mayor serves as the chief executive officer and head of the executive branch. The mayor and council members serve 4 year terms, with elections held on the dates coinciding with congressional elections as provided by Louisiana law. The Mayor and individual council members can serve no more than 3 consecutive terms.

Jacki Ackel - Mayor Pro-Tem
Duval Arthur

Troy Lombardo
Damon Robison
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Greg Roussel